Kim McGonegle

Do I really want to walk in there?? –ALL those lean, beautiful women and the instructors all seem tall and in command! YES! I’d read the history/science/art of this exercise system was supposed to help even injured physiques! What’s more ‘injured’ than my physique at 50 pounds overweight with muscles that haven’t moved in years…add on top of that bad knees. But I thought: ‘Imust go in, I made the appointment and they said it worked for injured dancers’ (but I’ve never been a dancer!)…I’m going in!

WOW!! Fast forward 3 months and how different I feel today!!! Grateful to the Pilates Center of Cincinnati for showing me patience, teaching me how to take control, slowly, of each movement that my strength could tolerate, and encouraging me to go beyond where I ever thought I could move and lift. My instructor knows how to keep me true to the Pilates teaching, which in turn produces inner strength and muscle tone in me that I thought was never in me to be found. Thank you Sheila and the Pilates Center of Cincinnati for not snubbing the first timers to this unbelievably, effective, all-body transformation to better muscle tone and control. I urge anyone considering this to make the call and start your new physique today!