Vero Sanchez

Stretching & Flexibility Instructor

Vero joined the Pilates Center in 2016 after returning from an ex-pat assignment and experiencing the magic of Pilates during her physical therapy sessions for her knee.

The Pilates Center quickly became an integral place in her routine.  It permitted her to unwind afterwork while working out and getting to know the instructors and the clients and at the same time becoming part of this warm community.

After retiring from Procter & Gamble, Vero has been championing the importance of stretching to complement our Pilates routines by recharging our bodies and preparing them for what comes next.  She loves to share the “magic” of stretching and fully enjoys the relaxed look of her clients after a session.

Vero was born in Peru and grew up in Venezuela.  She is a Ph.D. on Biochemistry from the University of Tennessee.  She has lived in Peru, Venezuela, Brazil and USA.

When not at the Studio, Vero enjoys walking, hiking, reading and military history.

Vero spends her time between Cincinnati and visiting her family in Colombia or Canada.

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