Melissa Wilson

Master Pilates Instructor

Melissa came to Pilates almost 20 years ago as the practice partner for a dedicated new teacher. Those practice sessions became the most anticipated times of her week. She had discovered a challenging new way to move, to restore, and to bring a sense of well being. It was hard work and she was hooked.

Since then, she has invested time participating in many different trainings to try and fully understand movement as a science and an art.

With a background in medicine, and as a long time nurse educator Melissa has the unique ability to offer highly individualized Pilates instruction that is suitable to all stages of life, from everyday function to rehab from injury and preparation and recovery from surgeries. It is her privilege to support and encourage students through the process.

For the past five years Melissa has been studying women’s health and the work of Master teachers Jennifer Gianni and Carolyne Sidhu Anthony, ultimately receiving a certification in Pre and Post Natal Pilates, diastasis recti recovery and pelvic floor conditioning.

Melissa holds a certification in Yamuna Body Rolling, a form of myofascial release through Yamuna Zake in New York City, as well as many hours studying the work of Katy Bowman. Katy is a bio mechanist, physical therapist posture and alignment expert. She takes functional movement to a whole new level.

The greatest reward is in seeing the change, and if it thrills Melissa that much, imagine how you’ll feel?

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