Claire Hornsby

Pilates Instructor

Claire joined the studio as a client in 2014 when she moved with her family from the UK to start a new life in Cincinnati. She loved how Pilates seemed to keep working in her body for days after attending classes and quickly became a regular at the Studio. 

After a bi-lateral mastectomy and radiation treatment for cancer in 2019 Claire was determined to get back to full strength and flexibility.  She started working one-on-one with Sheila Kuhn to help her do just that.  When the opportunity arose to train with Sheila as an instructor it was a no-brainer.  Claire enjoys working with all our clients and takes particular pleasure in being able to support those who are on their own path to recovering their strength & flexibility, as she knows what it takes!

Claire also has a private practice as a Therapeutic Life Coach, helping her clients achieve their goals by building their psychological strength and flexibility.  Claire says both roles require an understanding of the complex connection between mind and body.  Whether the approach is psychological, physical or a little of both, she gently encourages everyone she works with to find their inner strength so they can enjoy life more.

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