Pilates Group Reformer Classes

Pilates Classes

Fundamental Reformer

This class is appropriate for those who are new to a group setting and/or for those who would like a refresher of pilates instruction.  The class reviews the basic principals of our studio’s approach and helps strengthen your confidence and abilities in a group setting.

Reformer 1

For those who are new to the work but have experience with coordinated movements and no injuries that impede movement. This reformer class will introduce the fundamentals of good movement while giving a challenging workout.

Reformer 2

For clients who have been attending reformer classes enough that they understand the fundamentals of spinal mechanics, have no injuries that impede movement and can flow through a program. Pre-requisite: Must have recommendation from a teacher.

Reformer Mixed Level

This reformer class is open to students of all levels.

Jump Board

This class, open to 5 clients, incorporates the jump board where quick, consecutive movements are used to build strength and improve your cardio vascular endurance.