Physical Therapy

Doug Rempe holds a Masters Degree in Physical Therapy, a Masters Degree in Education and is a Certified Athletic Trainer.  In addition to his clinically based Physical Therapy, Doug is part of the United States Olympics Medical Staff and contributes his skills to the US Paralympic Track and Field team.  His involvement with the United States Olympic Committee (USOC) provided the opportunity to work with US Athletes in both the Beijing and London Paralympic Games as well as various national and world U.S. Track and Field Championships.

To meet the needs of his patients to move from partial weight bearing status to high-end coordination and plyometric skills post Doug invented and developed the Rehab Reactor.  This patented piece of exercise equipment provides an effective and expedited pathway for patients to regain functional mobility after incurring an injury or surgical procedure.

Doug shares his expertise through participation in medical and sports performance conferences across the country.  He has presented at the National Athletic Trainers Association Convention and the U.S. Paralympic Symposium where he spoke on the biomechanics of amputee sprinters and their gait compensations.  Locally, Doug lectures in Sports Medicine Classes at Miami University and Xavier University.

After many years in private practice, Doug founded ReActive Physical Therapy. “I founded ReActive Physical Therapy with the single goal of applying my skills in an environment that is completely patient focused. Clients deserve excellence in care, creativity in approach and positive results.  This is what I provide.”

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