GREAT NEWS! WE REOPEN ON TUESDAY MAY 26TH!  New safety procedures in place. See News & Events for information. We have face coverings available also. Updated schedule! Zoom mat classes too. Looking forward to seeing you and thank you for your support.


Strengthen Lengthen Tone
Cincinnati’s premier Pilates studio and luxury goods boutique

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The Pilates Center of Cincinnati is home to Cincinnati’s most extensively trained staff in a studio full of warmth, attention to detail and energy. It is also home to a family of clients, friends, teachers and common goals.  Our niche boutique studio welcomes a variety of clients with specific health needs and fitness expectations. Nurturing this “family” remains our top priority.  Our message to “live long in a body that moves”  is what keeps us improving daily.  We firmly believe in the purity of pilates, the benefits of lengthening  and strengthening and the value of quality instruction.

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Pilates Safe and Sound on a Sunday!

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