Yamuna Body Rolling

What is Yamuna Body Rolling?

Yamuna Body Rolling is a revolutionary approach to health and fitness using balls designed exclusively for this practice. It consists of a series of routines using 6 to 10 inch balls. Unlike other ball exercises, Yamuna Body Rolling goes far beyond random movement and stretch. It allows you to work specific muscles in detail, to create suppleness in tight areas and optimize range of motion.Yamuna Body Rolling reeducates muscles and stimulates bone, creating positive, permanent changes in the body. This class is open to all levels. Pre-requisite sessions NOT required.

Floor/ Towel

  • 5 Class Classes* – $110
  • 10 Class Classes – $210
  • 20 Class Classes – $380
  • 30 Class Classes – $510
  • Drop In Rate – $22

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*These class packages can be used for Reformer Classes, Yamuna Classes and Floor/Towel Classes