Reformer Group Class

Reformer 1For those who are new to the work but have experience with coordinated movements and no injuries that impede movement. This class will introduce the fundamentals of good movement while giving a challenging workout.

Reformer 1 Mixed Media

Reformer Level 1 incorporating other apparatus, including spinecorrector, Fletcher Towelwork, Mat and Fletcher Floorwork.

Advanced Level 1 Reformer Mixed Media

For the student who has mastered the basics of level 1 reformer.

Reformer 2

For students who have been attending classes enough that they understand the fundamentals of spinal mechanics, have no injuries that impede movement and can flow through a program. Pre-requisite: Must have recommendation from a teacher

Reformer 3

This class is for students who have progressed through the work either through privates or many classes. They are seasoned students who know the core program and have no injuries. This class will move quickly and will utilize all spinal mechanics.

Reformer Mixed Level

This class is open to students of all levels.

Floor/ Towel

  • 5 Class Classes* – $110
  • 10 Class Classes – $210
  • 20 Class Classes – $380
  • 30 Class Classes – $510
  • Drop In Rate – $22

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*These class packages can be used for Reformer Classes, Yamuna Classes and Floor/Towel Classes