Kelli Green

Kelli has been described as one that’s rejuvenated and energized from exercise. As a committed wife, mother and friend, she decided to become committed to a new exercise form, Pilates, in 2011. She’s not looked back since. Not only has she gained the essential knowledge to become an instructor but she’s also gained many new friends along the way.Kelli graduated from Miami University’s Business School in 1989 with a Bachelor’s degree in Organizational Behavior. She used her time as a dancer in college to become an aerobics instructor following graduation and has been an avid jogger too. She lives in Montgomery with her husband Scott and their three children and their sweet dog, Sammie.


Kathryn Reinhard

Kate graduated from Indiana University with a degree in Athletic Training and a minor in Dance. She has always been interested in learning the anatomy and physiology of the body and how the body functions as a whole. She was drawn to Pilates because it offers a practical approach to achieving and maintaining all around wellness. She believes it is important to listen to your body, build on your strengths, and work to improve your weaknesses to attain set goals and helps her clients do just that. Pilates has helped to tone and strengthen Kate’s body and she recommends it to others who are looking for a safe and productive way to exercise. She looks forward to working with clients of all ages and physical conditions to help them too see the long-term benefits of Pilates.

On Kate’s off time, she enjoys spending time with her sweet husband, her family, and her friends. She loves being outside, biking, walking, boating, and exploring. She also loves using her talent of creativity to make crafts and sew!

Melissa Wilson

Having taught nursing for over sixteen years, and practiced the art of nursing for over 25 years; Melissa has come to learn that it is not so much the catastrophic illness that changes lives but more the conditions that keep our bodies from moving. It is the chronic low back pain, the neck injury, the constant knee, hip, or foot, pain that are the real reasons why people lives changes.

As a person with a chronic joint decease, Melissa can attest to the strength of both Yamuna Body Rolling and Pilates as a way to stay moving, decreased pain and enjoy an active life once again.

She began her training in 2006 to become a certified Yamuna Body Rolling Practitioner, studying in Chicago, Louisville and ultimately in New York with Yamuna Zake. The Pilates Center of Cincinnati remains proud to be one of two studios in the State of Ohio to offer Yamuna Body Rolling classes.

Sheila Kuhn

Sheila fell in love with Pilates in the first hour of instruction. She loves the mind body connection, the intensity and variety that is there in the work, and that it is a continual growth and learning process. She has been practicing Pilates at the Pilates Center of Cincinnati for the past five years and decided to go deeper and train to become an instructor.She received her BFA from Miami University in Theatre Production with an emphasis in lightning design. Her passion is lighting dance and she also volunteers at her church doing the lighting for the weekend services. She has been a producer for a Children’s Ballet Company and loves the “choreography” of pilates.Besides Pilates, she loves hiking, photographing flowers, and having fun with her family.

Nina Horwitz

Nina’s experience with exercise and wellness began early in life with ballet and running. Upon moving to Cincinnati in 2001, she became a avid cyclist both indoors and out. In 2004 Nina accepted the program manager position for The Alliance for Integrative Medicine’s High Chi Program. This revolutionary program combined spinning with yoga, mat Pilates and meditation.

At High Chi, Nina met an instructor from the Pilates Center of Cincinnati, Colby Chapman. Colby became Nina’s mentor and instructor and introduced her to the Pilates Center of Cincinnati in 2005.

Nina is also a talented artist and likes traveling and gardening.

Nicolette Conn

Nicolette Conn’s first interest in Pilates came when she started working for the Pilates Center of Cincinnati in 2006. After taking a few classes, she was hooked! From there, she then went on to receive her training from the Pilates Center. Through her training she developed a great deal of respect and understanding of the significance Pilates can have in someone’s life.
Nicolette finished her major in organizational communication and her minor in German from Ohio University and then graduated from Lee University with a minor in religion. She currently resides in Cincinnati, Ohio with her husband and three children. In her spare time she loves to hike, swim, and work in her garden.